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Shattered Worlds - Lucas
Lead Role

Gamerz - Gene

Supporting Role
Delta Queen, The Mississippi Steamboat (English Dub) - John

Supporting Role​

Clickbusters! (English Dub) - Ray Stantz

Supporting Role

False Hope - Andrew Anderson

Lead Role

Sailor Moon: Future Reunion – Shou Hinowa

Lead Role​

Hitler’s Magical Moustache – Hitler

Lead Role​

Akita: Life’s a Beach – Akita

Lead Role​

Dreamland: OCT – Nick (as John Walker)

Lead Role​

Life On Camera – Rich Cameraman (as John Walker)

Lead Role​


The Diogenes Documentaries: Hidden In Plain Sight



The Diogenes Documentaries: Silent Doyle - Harry Houdini

Supporting Role

The Wrinkle Revue and Company: Songs From Around The World - Pilot

Supporting Role - Narrator 

Lead Role

The Legends Myths and Whiskey Podcast (Havelok the Dane) - Grim

Lead Role

Psychology Courtroom - Psychotic Boy

Supporting Role Poems (Fight, Ol' Ticker,Rings, Venice) - As Self

Lead Role

Video Games

Senpai, Please Look At Me! - James

Lead Role

Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn - Madman, (As John Walker)

Supporting Role

Training &

Acting 101 with Aaron Jackson

Antland Productions - Commercial/General VO

Such-A-Voice - Commercial VO Workshop

3 Day VA - Animation VO Workshop

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